Bani Bandana Covid protocol

COVID protocol


Please note the following for the Covid protocol we would be following at the Bani Bandana event

Checkin / Front desk:

  • Vaccination proof will be checked (digital or hard copies – both shots) at the front desk for everyone aged 5 and above. If you are not vaccinated (and are aged 5 and above), you will need to show a negative Covid test taken within the last 3 days (we cannot accept home tests results since we need proof from a certified medical authority)
  • No on-the-spot registrations for non-members. Members who did not register on the app will still be allowed entry
  • Our front desk volunteers will be sitting behind the front desk shields and wearing gloves while serving the patrons with their entry and food tickets


Masks policy:

  • We will require everyone to keep their masks on always except: (1) When having lunch at designated lunch tables (2) When performing for the cultural program in the designated stage area
  • We will keep some KN95 masks at the front desk, for guests who want to use them (e.g., instead of their cloth masks)
  • There will be no taking masks off for pictures. Please don’t mind us if we politely nudge you to put your masks back on if found guilty 🙂


Proshad and Lunch distribution

  • Proshad will be served by volunteers wearing serving gloves, in Ziploc bags, and at the back side of the venue
  • Lunch will be served by volunteers wearing serving gloves, in pre-packed boxes, and at the back side of the venue
  • Lunch to be consumed only at the back where we will have some tables and chairs. Please have lunch only at these tables and not elsewhere in the venue
  • If the tables are occupied, please wait for them to be vacated. If you’d rather not wait, we request that you take your lunch to your cars
  • There will be some standing tables at the back as well. Families are encouraged to be together at those tables



  • We will be doing pushpanjali in 3-4 batches to avoid over-crowding
  • Face Mask is mandatory while offering Pushpanjali
  • No loud chanting of mantras please, mantras can be repeated softly or silently in mind
  • Mandatory and immediate hand sanitization needed following pushpanjali