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Who are we?

Bhindeshi is a Washington State Registered 501 (c)(3) organization of people of South Asian origin based in the greater Bothell area of Washington, USA. Established in 2016, Bhindeshi serves as a socio-cultural platform to promote the rich cultural heritage of Bengal (India). Bhindeshi also works closely and supports other non-profit organizations within the greater Seattle community.


Why sponsor with us?

Brand presence via marketing collateral (e.g. banner, standee) at the venue
Sharod Utsav is the most important and most attended event that Bhindeshi organizes in the year for its community of members and other patrons. Based on past data, attendance is expected to be in the range of 350-500. The demographic is large of the Indian diaspora in the Greater Seattle area, with the majority tracing their roots to the region of West Bengal. With a high footprint, your marketing material such as banners or standees at the venue can lead to brand recognition & recall, and post-event sales.

Social media promotions
In addition, our digital footprint has also increased significantly. Our Facebook page has a genuine follower base of ~1000 followers (who like and share our content), and our top posts and live streams typically have a reach in the range of 5k users. We have also launched our App on both Android and Apple phones, which will be used by our entire community for registrations and donations during the Sharod Utsav event. The notifications feature of apps ensures extremely high visibility of any post that we make on it.

Bhinkotha (magazine) Ad placement
Annually, Bhindeshi releases a magazine publication named Bhinkotha. The magazine is a literary platform that showcases original content from members of the community as well as from established authors and artists from around the world. The magazine is made available both in print and digital to all members of the Bhindeshi family. With the right sponsorship package, you can get an Ad inside or on the back of the magazine.

Associate with a great cause
At Bhindeshi, we serve the community with our unique combination of cultural and community events. At all our events we have an extremely engaged volunteer and attendees base. We also partner with several other organizations for the betterment of the community. We believe this is a great organization to associate your brand with.
Please review our Sponsorship Packages below and email us at to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you to make sure your brand is well promoted amongst our community.

Please review our sponsorship packages below and email us at to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you to make sure your brand is well promoted amongst our community.

Event-specific Partnerships
Package Includes Annual Partnership Bani Bandana Cultural Event Sharod Utsav
Silver Ad on Bhindeshi website


1 promotional post on facebook per event highlighting our partners

$250  $75  $75  $150 
Gold Silver features


Promotional announcements (in one of our specific event segments)

$500  $175  $175  $300 
Platinum Gold features
Physical banner
$1000  $350  $350  $650 
Additional promotional  opportunity Ad in Bhinkotha digital and print magazine

Front/Back Cover Full-page Ad: $200

Full-page Ad Inside: $150

Half-page Ad inside: $100

Additional Details

(1) Bhindeshi Website Ad

  • Our website has a dedicated space for sponsor’s advertisements.
  • Order of the sponsor’s advertisement in the website is based on first come first serve.

(2) Promotional announcements on Facebook

  • Promotional announcements on Facebook will start 5 days before the event.
  • There will be two promotional announcements per sponsor per event.
  • Promotional events on Facebook may be clubbed together with other sponsors/vendors. However, we will try to keep competing businesses in separate promotional posts.

(3) Physical Banner

  • Physical banner to be provided by the sponsors.
  • Maximum dimension of physical banner: 5′ x 3′ .
  • Please provide the physical banner at least 5 days prior to the event.

(4) Bhinkotha magazine

  • You can visit the magazine stand to see previous years’ editions
  • For more information on magazine publishing please contact