Bengali class

Note: Our Fall enrollment in now closed and the new session is in progress. For any questions, please contact us at

The Bengali class is a community service provided by a team of dedicated, sincere and loving volunteers who sacrifice personal time to provide tutoring and mentoring to young children on this native Indian language. The classes started in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, with mostly children of the community members and a couple of teachers. Since then, it has grown in stature, reach and goodwill and currently has 5 teachers teaching more than 35 students, twice a month and across two levels of proficiency (you can read about the levels here). The classes are open to anyone prepared to join online and has participation from different parts of the country. They cover verbal and written skills, and are often sprinkled with wholesome doses of references to the rich culture and heritage of Bengal.

It has been most fulfilling to see the progress made by these children, many of whom have begun to write basic sentences in the language now. A huge kudos to them (and their parents), for their commitment to the classes, which are in addition to all their other academic and extracurricular activities. Here’s an introductory video from one of our Bengali class teachers, Ananya Sengupta (the other teachers being Krittika Basak, Indrani Karmakar, Bishnupriya Majumdar and Sudeshna Deb):


Here’s a showcase of some of the work of the students of Bengali class:


We recently celebrated our Bengali class progress at the Bani Bandana event organized on 6th Feb, 2022. For more details on the felicitation, please visit this link.

The classes are held every other Sunday (4 to 6pm) with holiday breaks typically correlating to the school calendar. For more information, please email us at