About Us


Registered in 2016, Bhindeshi is a Washington State Registered organization of people of South Asian origin based in greater Bothell area of Washington, USA. Bhindeshi intends to serve as a socio-cultural platform to promote the rich cultural heritage of  Bengal, India among the members of the community. It seeks to foster family and multicultural values to the younger generation, to encourage and support local talent, to raise the awareness of global harmony. At the same time, Bhindeshi intends to work closely and support other non-profit organizations within the greater Seattle community.

Bhindeshi’s activities are managed by an Executive Committee elected during the Annual General Meeting. Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and other members belong to different committees.

Please refer to our Constitution and By Law for further details.

Please refer below links for Executive Committees in the current and previous years:

Executive Committee for 2023
Executive Committee for 2022
Executive Committee for 2021
Executive Committee for 2020
Executive Committee for 2019
Executive Committee for 2018
Executive Committee for 2017