World language competency at NSD

On the occasion of the World language day 2022, we would like to proudly celebrate the addition of Bengali to the Northshore school district’s World language competency test list. This means that Middle and High school students can now take the Foreign Language test for Bengali to get 1-4 credits based on their performance in a translation test that is taken twice a year. Students may learn the language however they want and there is no standard curriculum. (Please visit this page to know more about the World language competency test at NSD. Do note that Bengali being a recent addition is not yet featured in the languages list – the NSD web department is working on updating it)

While this significant milestone is not an affiliation or endorsement in any way to the Bhindeshi Bengali classes (nor of any direct credit to Bhindeshi), we feel immensely proud about the recognition of the language in a major academic forum such as the NSD. We hope this will help with our community mission of continuing to spread awareness of the rich culture and roots of Bengal, and inspire our youth to connect with their heritage.

We are also sharing below some Q&A that our Bengali class teacher, Ananya Sengupta, has had with Dr. Srinivas Khedam, Ed.D, Assistant Director, Racial and Educational Justice Department, Northshore School District, on this topic:

[Question] Is there standard curriculum for each language?
[Dr. Khedam] No. Need to be confident in writing and listening and responding in the language. They ask in English and student has to translate into Bengali

[Question] Who can mentor them to get the credit?
[Dr. Khedam] E.g., Language teachers in your Bengali school

[Question] Is it just a one time test or they have to learn the language throughout the year?
[Dr. Khedam] The test twice a year: Fall and Spring. No. They may learn however they want. They just have to pass the test to get credits from 1 to 4. They award credits based on their performance in the test.

[Question] What is the end to end process?
[Dr. Khedam] Once the pass the test. their credits will reflect on their transcripts.


About Bhindeshi Bengali classes: Bhindeshi Bengali classes started in 2020, and has since grown to over 35 students across two levels of proficiency, with participation from different parts of the country. To know more about Bhindeshi Bengali classes – please visit this webpage, or drop us a note at