Bani Bandana Bengali class showcase

In addition – We also had a wall prominently showcasing the classwork and homework of the students, pre-submitted by their parents. The collage below shows its setup and final look:

Finally – While, the teachers always vehemently state (and we agree) that the most important recognition of their efforts lies in the progress that their students make, Bhindeshi felt the need to felicitate and acknowledge their efforts a bit more celebratorily, and amongst the community. This was done in the form of a short mention on the PA, followed by a video from one of our teachers on the hall AV, and finally a small token of appreciation presented by the president of the organization.

Here is the video from one of our teachers (Ananya Sengupta) that was played at the venue:


Here is a picture of the felicitation of the Bengali class teachers:

Left to Right: Amit Ghosh (President), Krittika Basak, Ananya Sengupta, Indrani Karmakar, Bishnupriya Majumdar. (One of our teachers, Sudeshna Deb, could not be present at the event)


If you are interested in knowing more about this initiative, please email us at You can also visit this link to know more about this initiative and this link to get a sense of the regular ongoings of the classes