Bhindeshi Publication: Rules and Guidelines

Note: The final approval for a submitted content to be included in the Bhinkotha magazine will be made by the editorial and proofing team
Bhindeshi’s goal is to advance our culture and literature through available avenues. “BhinKotha”, is our attempt to nurture our cultural heritage and improve our role as global citizens. To submit content for for our first publication of “Bhinkotha”, please adhere to the following guidelines. We expect your continuous support and involvement.
  • Submission Guidelines:
  1. Submitted content must be appropriate for all demographic groups.
  2. Content submitted will undergo review with the editorial team. Editorial team has rights to correct spellings, words, grammatical errors and names with agreement of the author.
  3. All submissions in Bengali, will undergo proofing and follow “Bangla academy” spelling rule.
  4. For children and our teen agers
    1. Content must be in English or Bengali.
    2. Please refer suggested content topics (by age group) in subsequent sections.
  5. Length of content must be within the permissible word limits. Please refer word limits by age category and content types in subsequent sections.
  6. To submit contents, please Upload them to Google drive and share it with
Please refer our publications policy for further details.
  • Suggested content topics by Age Group:
    • Children: Age (3-7 Years)
      • Paintings/Drawings
        1. A Jellybean tree
        2. A silly animal.
        3. Your favorite toy.
  • Children: Age (7-12 Years)
    • Prose and Poems
      1. If you had a super power
      2. Nature our other mother.
      3. A friendly Alien.
      4. Your favorite wish.
  • Teens
    • Poems/ Prose
      1. You stepped inside the time machine and zoomed…. Take us to a different era
      2. On first day of school you didn’t expect to see…Take us on a journey with a mythological character in your school.
      3. You heard a shrill cry from the woods….Tell us what happens next.
      4. Tell us how the works of an author or movie-director have influenced you
    • Painting/ Photography : Moods OR anything that sparks joy in you
  • Word Limits and other requirements by content category: