Bengali Summer Reading Workshop

Hello parents, here are some ideas for the project from our reading workshop
1) an Autobiographical poster of Leela Majumder— take a whiteboard or cut it from any packing box and paste a white paper on it. With a prominent margin on four sides, keep a photo of Leela Majumder. Write clockwise about her, surrounding the photo. Not full sentences, only information shortly. Exp. birth date: …, schooling… etc
2) print some photos of the covers of her books. Make a poster including her photo in the center. Clockwise paste the covers’ photos according to the date of publication. Try to write the names of the books in Bengali under the pasted photos, try to find out their time of publication, and write them.
3) Character study— take a printer paper. Draw a character from your text in the middle. Make some speech bubbles surrounding the picture, then decide how is the character expresses himself/ herself according to the quotes. Use commas.

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