Become a member 2021

Why should you become a member?

  • Belong. Be part of a small Indian community where like minded people come together to celebrate our rich culture and heritage through diverse events.
  • Become. Give our children a chance to experience the same warmth and festivity we enjoyed while celebrating those events back in India.
  • Build. Give back to the greater Seattle community that we are now a part of. Volunteer your time in building a culture of togetherness and inclusion in our community, and share our values with the younger generation through leading by example.
  • Boost. Promote local, regional and national arts and talent with financial and other means of support

Bhindeshi Membership includes:

  • Entry and preferred participation in Bhindeshi’s year round community service and socio-cultural events
  • Discounted food coupons in events where food is offered.
  • Preferred participation for Bhinkotha cultural magazine
  • Eligibility for nomination for next year’s Executive council

Bhindeshi is planning to organize multiple community engagement, community service and cultural events throughout 2021 using virtual platforms and in-person events later this year (depending on COVID-19 advisories in effect at the time). Bhindeshi will continue with the Bangla class program and Bhinkotha Magazine from previous year’s initiatives, recognizing the overwhelming response from our community and even globally for these endeavors. Here is a list of a few events that are being planned this year following COVID-19 advisory.

  • Poush Parbon in January
  • Bani Bandana in February
  • Summer picnic in July or August
  • Sharod Utsav in October
  • Multiple virtual events throughout the year based on diverse themes

Bhindeshi strongly believes in giving back to the community. We will hold four community engagement programs this year (listed above), in collaboration with other local non-profit organizations. For events with limited participant capacity, Bhindeshi members will get the first opportunity/ preference to get involved.

  • Every youth member participating in our community engagement events will be presented with an official Bhindeshi appreciation letter that can contribute to their portfolio of community services as they prepare for their respective college careers.
Membership Category Fees
Bhindeshi Family Membership (2 Adults + 2 Kids)  $75.00*
Bhindeshi Individual Membership for Adults $35.00*
Bhindeshi Individual Membership for Senior Citizens [over 65 years ] $30.00*

*Above mentioned rates do not include food costs for the events. Food will be available for purchase at discounted rates per event.
2021 Membership Registration

Bhindeshi FAQ is here

Non-Member Entry Rates Per Event

We welcome everyone to participate and join us in the celebration of all our annual activities. While Bhindeshi membership includes free entry to all our annual events, individuals and families who are not yet members, can also participate paying the following dues per event as highlighted below.

Please note: 

Event Member  Non Member  
Poush Parbon(Virtual) Included NA
Bani Bandana (Virtual) Included NA
Other Events Included NA
Picnic & Cultural Included $20* per adult
Included $15* Per Youth
Included Free for kids
Picnic & Cultural Food Coupon $10* per adult/youth $15* per adult/youth
$3* per kid meal $5* per kid meal
Sarod Utsav Included $30* per adult
Included $15* Per Youth
Included Free for Kids
Sarod Utsav Food Coupon $15* per adult/youth per meal $20* per adult/youth per meal 
$3* per kid meal $5* per kid meal

*Above values are tentative, and they may vary depending on the actual event situation and market cost

** While we welcome everyone to join us for all our community service events. For any community service and engagement events with limited participant capacity, Bhindeshi members will get the first opportunity/ preference to get involved.