Guest artist: Dwaipayan Choudhury


Dwaipayan Choudhury started learning dance at the age of 6 in 2000. His first guru was Smt. Gopa Mukherjee. Under her guidance he learnt kathak and some creative forms for 6 years. After that he learnt Kathak from Dr. Malabika Mitra and Shri. Sandip Mallick.  In 2013 he won National Scholarship, CCRT from Ministry of Culture of Government of India in Kathak. His scholarship continued for 7 years and in this period he was invited to perform in several national dance festivals organized by Ministry of Culture of Government of India. Along with kathak, he learnt Kathakali, Rabindrik form of dance and explored other Indian classical dance forms under the guidance of Dr. Subhashis bhattacharya.


We are excited to have him perform at our upcoming Bhinsandhya event!

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