Bhindeshi FAQ 2022

Bani Bandana 2022 FAQ

Question: Where do I register for entry and buy food coupons?

Answer: From our Bhindeshi mobile app.


Question: I did not receive an email confirmation after registration in the app – how do I know the registration went through?

Answer: Currently, there is no email confirmation. You can visit the “purchase history” section of the app to see your transactions. This information will also be available with us in our backend


Question: I am a member but the app shows me that I have to pay for entry?

Answer: Once you proceed to checkout, you will notice that the membership discount has been applied and you have not been charged for entry for upto 2 adults and 2 kids. You will also be given membership discount for your food coupons


Question: Can I just purchase the food tickets?

Answer: If you are not a member, you must purchase entry tickets as well since food will be served inside the venue in pre-packed boxes


Question: I would like to volunteer for the event – how do I do that?

Answer: You can volunteer by filling this form here:


Question: I would like to perform in the cultural program – how do i do that?

Answer: You can fill the nomination form here:


Question: What are all the details of your Covid policy?

Answer: For detailed Covid protocol, please visit this link:

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Question: What is your pet policy?

Answer: We love pets, but this is a no pets event. Sorry!


Question: I have more questions – where can I ask?

Answer: Please send us an email at